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Passionate about lifestyle and healthcare? Move Eat Treat is always looking for new people to get involved and help work towards our goals. As an ambassador you get:

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A selection of our current ambassadors include…

Bryn Savill – Cardiff

Bryn is a medical student at Cardiff University. He is Vice President of Cardiff Sport and Exercise Medicine Society, student committee member of the European College of Sport and Exercise Physicians and has completed a BSc(Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Loughborough. He is working with the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine and collaborating with Move Eat Treat to improve and promote undergraduate teaching on the benefits of physical activity for patients.

David Eastwood – Newcastle

David is a medical student at Newcastle University and is industrious in promoting the importance of Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM), particularly in medical education. He co-founded the Newcastle Sport and Exercise Medicine Society and is currently President. His articles have been published in the Student British Medical Journal and British Journal of Sports Medicine. He is now aiming to improve and promote undergraduate teaching on the benefits of physical activity.

Dr Jake Mann – Leeds

Jake is a FY1 doctor working in Leeds. He graduated from Birmingham winning the Gold Medal and the university’s Vice-Chancellor’s Award. Jake is campaigning for more teaching about the pathophysiology of obesity and promotion of healthy lifestyles in schools.


Anna Chisholm – Manchester

Anna is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Manchester and has been conducting research into training health care professionals to help patients change unhealthy behaviours since 2008. Her PhD work involves developing and evaluating new education for medical students which aims to equip them with the skills to support obese patients to manage their weight. She has a background in psychology, completing a BSc and an MRes in this area and therefore draws upon psychological models of behaviour to inform her work. She is enthusiastic about including more consistent and theory-based education on behaviour change techniques within undergraduate medical education.

Jonny Moses – Nottingham

Jonny is studying medicine at the University of Nottingham where he co-founded the Nottingham Undergraduate Sports and Exercise Medicine Society (NUSEMS).  Jonny is also Research Associate for Physical Activity & Health at Nottingham’s School of Life Sciences and is currently investigating methods to encourage people to lead more active and healthier lives.

Dr Roshan Gunasekera – Sheffield

Roshan is an Academic Foundation Year 2 doctor working in Sheffield. In 2012 he founded Sheffield Sports Medicine Society and is currently a regular tutor. He is aiming to improve and promote undergraduate teaching through Student Selected Components and integration of motivational prescription of exercise into the curriculum. 

Cameron Nichol – London

Cameron is a final year medical student, former olympic rower and chairman of sports & exercise medicine at UCL’s medical society. Cameron hopes to use his experience as an olympic athlete to achieve his goal of inspiring people to take control of their health by moving and fuelling their bodies correctly. He also wants to create fundamental change in the way these are taught at an undergraduate level, to inspire the next generation of doctors to spread this important message.

Manroy Sahni – Birmingham

Manroy is a third year medical student at the University of Birmingham. He is a committee member for the Birmingham University Sports and Exercise Medicine Society (BUSEMS). After undertaking a Medical Sciences intercalation he is keen to utilise his research and campaigning skills to address healthcare issues and promote lifestyle changes.


Malcolm Forbes – Cairns

Malcolm is an Australian medical doctor and NHMRC Postgraduate Scholar. He is currently based at the Cairns Institute undertaking Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander public health research. He holds leadership positions within the Australian Medical Association Queensland Council of Doctors in Training, Doctors for the Environment Australia and the Public Health Association of Australia. He is passionate about increasing nutritional education for health professionals and addressing the structural factors promoting chronic disease in Australia.

Harris Eyre – Melbourne & Los Angeles

Harris is an Australian medical doctor and Fulbright Scholar. He is proud medical portfolio careerist with engagements as a psychiatry trainee, researcher, innovator, leader and policy advisor. Harris has two main interests: preventive psychiatry and alternative medical careers. He is always looking for diversified activities to promote preventive psychiatry and to destigmatise alternative medical careers