Move Eat Treat

Promoting The Campaign

How You Can Help

For the campaign to be a success we need people to spread the word. One of the best ways to do this is via blogs. If you write about health and fitness then why not add a link to the Move Eat Treat website ( in your posts and get your readers to sign the petition and support the campaign.

We’d really appreciate your help, as without it we won’t reach our goals.

If you wish to write a  blog post entirely dedicated to the campaign, feel free to include the full infographics which explain the campaign. You can download those HERE.

As a starting point here’s a blog template you could use to promote the campaign.

Sample blog

The Move Eat Treat campaign

The reason I’m supporting and promoting this campaign is…

Rather than me tell you all about the campaign, here’s some fantastic infographics which explain what the problem is and how to solve it…

*Insert infographics*

This is an important campaign, and one which needs your support.

For more information about the campaign visit and please sign the petition. To keep up to date with the campaign you can also follow us on Twitter @MoveEatTreat and also on Facebook.


Guest Post On The Move Eat Treat Blog

We also welcome guest posts on the Move Eat Treat blog. If you have an idea related to proactive healthcare, lifestyle and education then please get in touch.

We also use the blog for a variety of other things, which we explain HERE. So if you know someone or something which should be featured then get in touch!

Thank you for your support!