Move Eat Treat

Spread The Word

Help Us Gain Support

For the campaign to be a success we need people to spread the word. A great way to do this is to via email.

We’d love it if you would consider emailing your friends, family, colleagues and co-workers  (and anyone else you can think of) about the campaign, and ask them to consider signing the petition.

Remember. Without you this campaign will not succeed.


A Sample Email


I want to tell you about an important campaign called Move Eat Treat. Their aim is to create a proactive health service which keeps people healthy. To do this though they need our support.

I’ve signed their online petition, and I hope you will consider doing the same. To find out more about the campaign visit

Best wishes,



You could also attach the Move Eat Treat infographics which explain the problem we face and how we intend to solve it. You can download those HERE.


Thank You